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with Mike Gasaway

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Filmatick is the essential shot planning software that allows filmmakers to create a 3D video storyboard of their film. It has everything you need to get the project done -





Filmatick Doesn't Change the way you work as a filmmaker 

Only makes it better and Faster

Blockbuster previz.png

Blockbuster Previz

Go beyond a storyboard to achieve blockbuster results.

Script lining.png

Script Lining

Import your script and start planning out your shoot. 

Faster Preproduction.png

Faster Preproduction

Same workflow with faster and better results.

Set Planning.png

Set Planning

Customize your sets with full access to the 3D Library. 

Video Editing.png

Video Editing

Assemble your film on a robust timeline that you can export.

Scene Blocking.png

Scene Blocking

Move actors and objects throughout your scenes. 

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