3D film sets

Custom Set Planning Software

Filmatick has an integrated set planning software that can be customized for any project.

Extensive 3D Library

Members have access to Filmatick’s extensive 3D library of sets and props to use to create their sets.

Filming on Location

Draw your own walls, doors and windows to customize your set when you are planning on filming at a specific location.

Complete Customization

Have your own models you would like to use? Easily import them into your sets for a complete customized look.

Built in Customization

3D Item Library
3D Film Set
Drag and drop your items into your set.

The Best Drag and Drop

Set Builder

Design and build your high-quality sets that can help communicate your vision and sell your next big idea. Filmatick is a software application that allows Directors or other film professionals to create an animated 3D preproduction plan for their project in an easy to use, drag and drop environment.


Responsive and

Intuitive Design

Easily create walls and doors to create an accurate set for your film. Drag in 3D models from our library to build out your scene to prepare you for the shoot. Import your own 3D models and objects for a complete customized look.

Prebuilt sets of a courtroom
Prebuilt set of a restaurant


Set Build

Filmatick’s 3D library of sets and scene props are constantly growing giving you access to an extensive library to build your own custom scene. Not seeing a set that you need for your next project? With build in customization you have the tools you need to create your own set.


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