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The Latest Scene Blocking Software

Filmatick helps directors and assistant directors to run their shoots smoothly and on schedule with a fully 3D solution that requires zero 3D animation experience.

From Script to Screen

Don’t compromise your artistic vision because of time and money. Plan the film you want without having to make sacrifices.

Experiment Beforehand

Filmatick gives you an opportunity to experiment with lighting, camera angles, and actor placement without accruing production costs.

Streamline your Production

Are you tired of cutting shots because your time on set is running long? Block all of your scenes ahead of time saving you time and money.

Revolutionize your On-Set Experience


Plan Every


Comprehensive software allows director, cinematographer or VFX supervisor to experiment with different staging and art direction options - such as lighting, camera placement and movement, stage direction and editing - without having to incur the costs of actual production. Filmatick allows you to experiment, troubleshoot, and discover the best way to direct your film.

Extensive 3D


Drag and drop predesigned models from an extensive 3D library or import your own into your set. Filmatick is compatible with any 3D asset including the extensive collection from the Unity asset store. Move actors and objects through your scenes in your film and animate them in a robust timeline

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Adding new shots and models to a set will automatically be updated for every scene. Edit your shots with a robust timeline where you can import your audio or utilize our sound library that has an infinite number of tracks for audio. Filmatick also has the capability to automate the actors' voices through robot voice.

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