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Scene and set planning software that allows directors and producers to create a fully 3D mockup of a film project in an easy to use, drag and drop environment. 

Streamline Workflow

Accelerate your preproduction process with automation features that makes your workflow better and faster. 



Design and build your own high-quality storyboard that can help communicate your vision and sell your next big idea. 

Reduce Production Costs

Experiment away with lightning, camera placement, and editing without incurring the costs of actual production. 

Plan Your Project in One Easy-To-Use System

Accelerate your


Streamline your workflow and gain control over every aspect of your next film project. Filmatick preproduction software saves time and enhances your results by providing directors and producers with a fully integrated 3D environment to manage their script, set, cameras, and more. Manage your entire project directly from one system and impress your cast and crew by being prepared for every shoot.

Preproduction Software



Filmatick offers the first all-in-one design to fulfill your preproduction needs. The preproduction software starts with you importing your script to creating a 3D animated storyboard with music and sound effects of your film. Easily access and design all your essential film preproduction needs from one place.

3D animated storyboard



Adding new shots and models to a set will automatically be updated for every scene. Edit your shots with a robust timeline where you can import your audio or utilize our sound library that has an infinite number of tracks for audio. Filmatick also has the capability to automate the actors' voices through robot voice.

3D film sets

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