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Updated: Feb 17, 2021

The need for quality storyboard artists is never going to go away. The ability to draw any character in any scenario or environment is highly sought after and will always be a part of the pre-production process. But what about those who have an idea of what they want to convey in storyboards and just can’t draw it the exact way they see it in their heads?

Drawn storyboard of a scene

There’s a software package for that.

Filmatick is a pre-visualization tool that allows media content creators to quickly put their ideas into a 3d visual medium. It can take the script and create simple and complex shots. It’s essentially, a 3D storyboard program.

You don’t need a degree in technology or mathematics to use it either. It’s based on how a director’s mind works – got an idea for a shot, figure out which characters are in the scene and where they should be, then create that camera and see what it looks like.

Filmatick Software's Tick generation menu

Filmatick has built-in tools that help you create your shots as fast as you can click on a button. When you know what shot you want, you draw a line, called a Tick, down your script to show how long you want the shot to be. Filmatick then guides you to choose what type of shot (CU, MCU, Medium, etc) and which character is your scene you want to make that type of shot with. You can even change your camera lens if you want.

Using pre-built 3D models and sets, you don’t have to understand modeling or animation to get the shots and storyboards that you want. Just an imagination.

Feature films use this technology for large and small films. Why shouldn’t you?

Come give it a look at or email us at to see the software in action.

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