Preproduction in a Pandemic World

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Most of the world isn’t returning to “normal” just yet, and those in the film and media industry are trying to figure out what to do. Some have been able to buck the trend and shoot their projects amid these times, and to you I give major kudos. But many find the restrictions too costly, and to you I offer encouragement.

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Don’t give up on your projects just because you can’t go out and shoot or collaborate with others. Think of this time as an opportunity. You have peace and quiet to plan exactly what you want to shoot once the virus subsides. By perfecting your preproduction planning now, you will be able to hit the ground running later.

Usually, preproduction involves other people. As the director, you have a vision, but it’s not easy to get someone to draw camera shots. It’s even harder to hire someone to do it. Drawing skills take time to hone and if you don’t possess them, it’s a frustrating task to practice. I know the feeling. I just want to show what’s in my head!

Four Screen Shots of the Filmatick Application

There is hope! It’s something that my director mind has been working on for some time and I want to share it – Filmatick!

What the heck is that? Some sort of insect in movies? Who uses film anymore anyway? What does that have to do with preproduction?

Filmatick is a preproduction software for movie makers and media content creators. It takes your script and converts it into a shot list, allows you to create 3D sets, move your actors around, create your shots, and edit them together in a non-linear-esque timeline to allow you to create your movie.

Not only does Filmatick enable quick and easy previsualization, it automatically renders animation in full 3D, allowing you to communicate your artistic vision with ease. No drawing

3D Model of a neighborhood set

skills needed! Filmatick harnesses the power of a team of animators into an accessible application that intuitively follows the professional director’s preferred workflow to plan shots and maximize the effectiveness of days on set.

It’s worth saying that last part again – allows you to create YOUR movie.

Whoa whoa! Three-Dee? I don’t know 3D at all. I’m not an animator. There’s no way I can use something like that. I just want to get my shots to my producers and crew.

When creating Filmatick, we thought of only that. This is NOT a 3D animation software. Go use something like Maya or Blender for that. This is NOT a non-linear editor. Premiere and DaVinci do quite well at that. This IS a pre-production tool that allows users to quickly create shots to see how their project will look.

Computer Screen running Filmatick Software

And it only takes you to use it.

If you have a script and a vision, Filmatick can help you communicate that vision to others.

Take this “down-time” in our industry to mold your vision visually. Get the best out of your words and put it on the screen. Be prepared! When the world is ready to get back to shooting, you will be ahead of the game.

Now is the time.

Come give it a look at or email us at to see the software in action.

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