Finding your Creative Rhythm

How is it that Monday, at least the very first part of that day, seems soooo sluggish? I mean, the weekend was only two days. The schedule is not knocked off that much but for some reason Mondays are just…blah. Everyone feels it. Takes a little time to get going. Get the juices flowing.

How do you combat that?

Planning is a giant part of my career. It is a giant part of my life. Ask those in my life…it is exhausting…

BUT that comes in handy when it comes to the creative process.

There are parts of the creative journey when you have to take it when it grabs you. But there are also times when you have to force it to get on the road and start travelling.

That is where my planning comes in.

I like to put my day together and plan when I will be able to do my creative stuff. This time is thought out so I know when I will most POSSIBLY feel creative. In other words, first thing in the morning? Not so creative…last thing before bed? Definitely not creative. Right after lunch? Well, you get the picture.

When I was working on Neutron and Back at the Barnyard and especially on Planet Sheen, I worked closely with my coordinators to get my weekly schedule based on the rhythms of creativity. The most creative part of putting together a show (minus the writing) is the storyboards. That is the part when the storyboard artist will take the script and a few notes from the director and draw some acting poses along with the frame of the shot. They act as temporary directors for their part. This is where it starts to become a show. After the artists do their quick drawings, or thumbnails, they pitch it to the director.

This can be a VERY fun part of the process too. There is always high energy from the artists as they pitch their shots and ideas to the director. It is also HIGHLY creative. Decisions must be made here for the show to continue. I have seen directors who are a little too loose with their boards and “come up” with ideas much later in the process. This not only costs a ton of time but also MONEY – something television shows just do not have.

I digress…we were talking about Mondays, right? Oh yeah. Planning. That is why I like to put my storyboards mid-morning, mid-week. PEAK creative time. That is when we really have fun.

We tried to do boards right after lunch once…we were sluggish and ended up doing more work in the long run because the decisions we made were bad. Lesson learned, I guess.

That carries on through the entire creative process. I spend just a little time on Sunday to plan out what I am going to do creatively for the week. For some reason, that makes the week go better – not sure why but it does. Midweek is usually my best times. I am in the groove. 

Mondays? Not so much. There’s energy there but it ain’t creative…

…or grammatical…

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