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All of the features you need for the price of a single app.

Polish up your script and communicate your vision by using filmatick's 10+ cutting-edge creative tools to create the film you want, all in one application!

Streamline Workflow

Plan every aspect of your film in one application. Filmatick allows you to block each shot and render a fully animation preview of your project complete with audio. 

Intuitive Design

Built in automation in addition to a drag and drop editor makes it simple and easy to create sets, plan out your shots, and edit your preview on a non-linear editor.

Faster Preproduction

Same workflow with faster and better results. Experiment away with lighting, camera placement, and editing, without incurring the costs of actual production. 


My favorite part about using Filmatick is the ability to try on many different shots with relative ease. Being able to try an infinite number of shots without booking physical locations and casting characters allows me to practice more intentional and prepared cinematography. I really like the ability to keep a screenplay, shot-list, and previsualization all in one software, maintaining a simple workflow for pre-production.

Kuyper Reynolds

UC Film Student

3D characters animated in a neigborhood and highway

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Filmatick Shot Planning Software

Filmatick Shot Planning Software

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